Why Am I Not Raising Any Money?


YOU are not just throwing a tantrum here! You have seen the multitude of success stories about campaigns that raised millions for both valid and invalid causes. Why not you?

What you may not know is that those successful campaigns are a minority among the penniless campaigns run by campaign organizers lacking proper marketing knowledge.

Yes, you might run over to GoFundMe, Indiegogo, FundRazr, YouCaring or Kickstarter and see rows and rows of clean pictures and dollar amounts you’ve fantasized about. The homepages are covered in success and a sheer gloss of hope for your own campaign.

The first 15 days pass and your mom’s obligatory $10 donation has faded with your excitement. What could possibly be the problem? Why are you not raising any money?

What did you do wrong?

You just chose the wrong crowdfunding platform. Because you don‚Äôt have the marketing knowledge or the funds to hire an advertising guru, unlike the megabucks campaigns, you need guidance available on rightly named UHelp.com‚ÄĒguidance that GoFundme, Kickstarter, etc. will not provide.

You need UHelp‚Äôs 30-Day Marketing Plan to teach you how to promote your campaign in newspapers and magazines and on well-known blogs, local television networks, radio stations and every social media channel‚ÄĒany and every press outlet available. You need guidance on how to create a short, 30-second video that will go viral and how to write press releases and news articles, publishing everything there is to know about your cause.

Your ignorance is over because UHelp.com gives you step-by-step instructions on how to run a successful campaign. From creating a team to writing press releases to distributing information to all parts of the world, UHelp’s got you covered with free mentorship appointments, a detailed marketing program and endless support.

Start your campaign with expert assistance to watch that $10 donation from your family and friends grow a few extra zeros with contributions from all over the world. Or use some other crowdfunding website, sit back, relax and let your envy for the successful campaigns littering their homepage grow to a 2-month-long obsession that goes nowhere. Your choice!

About the Author: Kayli Tomasheski is a copy editor for UHelp.

Social Media Marketing for Your UHelp Campaign

Why Do I Need Social Media and Email Marketing for my UHelp Campaign?

The success of your UHelp campaign relies on positive publicity created by the Campaign Organizer and the entire Campaign Team. Every member of the campaign team must utilize their social media networks to build awareness and inspire others to donate to the cause they are supporting. Use social media marketing to educate, inspire and spark interest in potential contributors. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are great outlets to provide background information about your cause, communicate your accomplishments, and secure support for your campaign.

Begin by thanking the members of your Campaign Team for joining¬†your cause. This is a good time to become familiar with email marketing platforms, if you don’t already use one. Kick off your campaign by¬†sending an email to your Campaign Team that expresses your gratitude to have them on board. To kick off social media marketing, ask the members of your team to make a small donation ($1-$5).

As the members of your Campaign Team show their support with donations and posts about their personal involvement, their digital networks will be more likely to donate to your cause. The more donations and support your campaign receives from your campaign team, the more trust and credibility your campaign will earn, giving your campaign team’s close family, friends, colleagues and extended connections a better reason to donate. Each like, share, comment and question that results from these posts will help your campaign reach a wider audience and gain public support.

At UHelp, we understand that you may be new to social media and that these networks can be a little overwhelming. That’s just one of the things our UHelp Mentors are here for. You’ll be able to troubleshoot issues, ask questions and get expert advice on how to navigate social media sites, craft your posts and use social media marketing to build momentum and secure success for your campaign!

Social Media Marketing For Everyone

For now, UHelp-ers, here’s a little bit of homework…

Get to know the basics of these Social Media Platforms:

Facebook            Google+

Twitter                YouTube

LinkedIn               Instagram

StumbleUpon      Redditt

About the Author: Penny Pierce is a Staff Writer for UHelp.com

How to Build Your UHelp Campaign Team


Once you’ve¬†created your crowdfunding project on¬†UHelp.com, connected to¬†STRIPE¬†to receive your contributions and completed your pre-launch checklist, your campaign will be submitted¬†to a UHelp mentor for final review.¬†When a UHelp mentor approves your campaign, it will go live on our platform. Your free 30-day marketing¬†mentorship will begin following the publication of your campaign, and then comes your first task: building your UHelp Campaign Team.

Campaign Teams are one of the many valuable features unique to UHelp.com. Complete the daily tasks of your 30-day marketing mentorship with the advantages of team collaboration and group accountability. To reach your fundraising goal, you will want back-up. Welcome trusted family members, friends and colleagues to your campaign team on¬†UHelp, where “teamwork makes the dream work!”

You can invite five or more trusted friends, family members, volunteers or coworkers to join your campaign team and help propel your project success. Invite those closest to you to share the responsibilities of marketing your campaign. This inner circle is also an ideal group to ask for initial donations, large or small, to kick off your campaign.

You are in charge¬†of who your campaign appeals to, such as nonprofits, children, and medical health professionals. When creating your campaign, you will write an “Urgency and Need” message. This message should clearly convey why the community should contribute to your project.¬†Communicate this message to your campaign team to ensure everyone is promoting the same message¬†to their online networks and connections for optimal reach.¬†Your team will help drive the success of your campaign, but you are the Campaign Organizer; regardless of your team‚Äôs contributions, you remain in full control of your UHelp project.

Building your campaign team starts on Day 1.

After signing into your¬†UHelp.com¬†account, click on “30 Days of Free Marketing Support” in the top right corner of the screen. Click ‚ÄúDay 1‚ÄĚ to start building your crowdfunding campaign team!

You are welcome to include a photograph for each invited team member, though it is not required.¬†With each invitation, you will select whether the invited team member will have full access to your daily campaign tasks or the limited ability to view only the dashboard. Below is an example of what you will see¬†in “Day 1 – Building Your Campaign Team” as you send¬†your invitations. If you’re launching a personal needs campaign that is raising donations to support medical needs for a child with a disability, invite¬†members of the¬†child‚Äôs family to your Campaign Team.¬† If your campaign supports the efforts of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, build a campaign team of well-informed supporters such as directors, board members and volunteers.

In the example below, Barbara Gordon is building a campaign team that includes her husband, parents and daughter to support the project for her sick child, Katie.   










Complete the required (and optional, at your discretion)¬†fields of “creating your campaign team” and click “Save” to send your invitations via email. Invited campaign team members will receive an email that looks like this: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†UHelp

As you send your invitations, campaign team members will appear in the column on the right side of your “Day 1” page. Invited members will be labeled as “pending.” When¬†members click “accept” on the invitation email, you will see their status update¬†from “pending” to “Access Type-Full access,” and the new member will appear on your Campaign Team page. For example, the ‚ÄúSave Our Seas from Plastic‚ÄĚ Campaign Team page will show ‚ÄúAlex Ruben,‚ÄĚ along with the other members who have accepted the invitation.

UHelp Campaign Teams


Once your invitations have been sent and accepted, your Campaign Team will be created, and you will be one step closer to reaching your Fundraising Goal!

Remember to keep in touch with each member of your Campaign Team. Ask your team which tasks they would like to complete over the next “30 Days of Free Marketing.”

If you have a wordsmith on your team who enjoys composing articles and is knowledgeable about your cause, he or she will most likely be the best candidate for composing your video script, press releases and blog posts.

Have fun with it! Sharing the responsibilities of promoting your campaign will motivate your team and inspire donations from your extended community.

About the Author: Penny Pierce is a Copywriter for UHelp

Fund Your Dreams with the Force of GrantWatch and UHelp

"Do. Or do not. There is no try”- Yoda
Uhelp.com & GrantWatch.com Founder/CEO Libby Hikind
12 Reps w/ 45 lb weights

Fund your dreams of sports & recreation with the force of UHelp.com and GrantWatch.com.

Browse sports & recreation grants on GrantWatch.com, the grant search that gets results.

Launch your sports & recreation crowdfunding campaign on UHelp.com.

About the Author: Penny Pierce is the Editor and Copywriter for UHelp.com

Techy Tuesday: Have You Explored the New Uhelp.com?

We are proud to introduce the crowdfunding site upgrades to UHelp.com! Visit the new redesigned platform and explore the user-friendly incentives, convenience, personal support and marketing mentorship.

We want to hear your feedback on the new and improved UHelp.com! The site is available to nonprofits, forprofits and individuals.

If you haven’t already explored the new platform, we welcome you to¬†start a¬†UHelp.com campaign today.

Choose from 100 possible crowdfunding categories, target your campaign by geographic area and enjoy 30 days of free, personalized marketing mentorship with three free telephone consultation calls.

Our user-friendly campaign creation process and custom-tailored 30 days of free marketing are designed to achieve the best possible promotion and ultimately, meet the fundraising goal of your project. We have low fees for all and even lower processing fees – for nonprofits.

UHelp Campaign Organizers invite members to join their campaign team and share the responsibilities of daily tasks. UHelp mentorship empowers crowdfunding campaigns with optimized content, social media and video marketing over the course of a carefully crafted 30 day plan.

Best of all? UHelp campaign mentorship is absolutely free!

Gain optimal visibility with your UHelp.com campaign by choosing 6 of 100 categories for your project!

Here is a brief sample of the UHelp.com campaigns currently raising funds on the new website:

Click Here to Start a Campaign.

We want to know what you think! Please send any suggestions or feedback to support@UHelp.com.

Thank you Beta Testers who are helping to make UHelp.com the best crowdfunding site possible!







About the Author: Penny Pierce is a Copywriter and Editor for UHelp.com.

How To Choose a Crowdfunding Platform


The crowdfunding platform you choose is dependent on several conditional components. 

When you look at available options for raising funds, there are several aspects to consider. By taking these steps and weighing your options appropriately, you'll be on your way to finding the best possible space to raise money for your unique invention or small business idea.  

  1. Accessibility and Simplicity: When you choose your platform, you need to ensure it meets your needs as a user. Does it have simple, intuitive interface? Is setting up your account a user friendly experience? If you have difficulties getting started or don't find the platform layout to be particularly attractive, chances are your potential funders will have the same concerns. Select a crowdfunding platform that is both easy on the eyes and capable of providing a user friendly experience for yourself and your funders for the best campaign results. 
  2. Aesthetic and Promotional Quality: Take a look at a few different crowdfunding sites. Compare the differences and similarities in their layout, how campaign URLs are organized and how particular projects are presented. Take the aesthetic factors, such as color scheme and responsive web design, into consideration. Do the crowdfunding platforms you're considering have a site-specific audience, branding or tone? Weigh all of these factors before deciding which platform is a proper fit for your project. If you have a specific brand or want to promote your project in a certain light and to a particular audience, choosing a crowdfunding platform that matches your brand vision is vital. Remember, promote-ability of your crowdfunding campaign is EVERYTHING. The success of your entire project depends on how effectively it is promoted.
  3. Fees and Payment Processing: One of the most important features of any crowdfunding platform is the fees that the site itself receives from your campaign donations, as well as the process of receiving your own funds upon project completion. Does the site have multiple, secure payment options? What percentage of funds do they receive from your campaign? Which payment processing tool do they use for funding? Will you receive your funds even if the project is not fully funded? These are all high priority questions to ask yourself when comparing crowdfunding platforms. 
  4. Campaign Mentorship & Extra Features: No 2 crowdfunding sites are the same. Varying crowdfunding platforms will offer varying features and capabilities to attract users and provide a seamless, successful experience for funders. Look into the platform perks and additional campaign provisions your contending platforms are offering. Depending on the specific of your campaign, these bonus features may just be a deciding factor in your process. UHelp is a new crowdfunding site which offers the valuable inclusion of campaign mentorship. Each campaign is guided to success through a 30 business day burndown of carefully crafted daily tasks. This feature is a highly valuable tool, particularly for campaign owners who are new to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Mentors are highly trained in social media and funding acumen and will make the entire processes easier and more cohesive. 


Explore the new and improved UHelp.com for some fresh crowdfunding campaign ideas! 


About the Author: Lianne H. is a Staff Writer for UHelp.com.

Are You Dizzy, Yet? The Circles of Crowdfunding

Does your personal needs crowdfunding project have you feeling like you're going in circles? Follow this Uhelpfund.com crowdfunding model to make your project successful!

If you are creating a Uhelpfund crowdfunding campaign on behalf of an organization, follow the same guidelines below for each Board Member and campaign team member and your project will have an even greater reach.

Starting a crowdfunding project is much like throwing a stone into a pond.

The ripples that the stone creates are:

First Circle: Friends and Family

The first step to building a strong crowdfunding project begins with your closest supporters, your friends and family. These personal connections allow you to create a foundation from which you may build a close, targeted audience of supporters. Why are friends and family so important to the fledgling stages of your crowdfunding project? It is NOT because they may be a guaranteed source of financial support for your project.

These initial supporters enable you to build confidence and trust in other potential donors, many of whom may not personally know you. Therefore, this first ring of supporters gives your project credibility and traction.

This is essential if your project is to advance to the next stages of fundraising. Initial supporters indirectly encourage other, unfamiliar viewers to support a project that already has backing.  No one wants to be the first, and potentially the only, supporter of a project dead in the water!  When beginning your crowdfunding project, don’t look passed the people who are willing to support you the most!

Second Circle: Colleagues and Acquaintances

Once you have gained the support of your friends and family, your project is ready to expand to the second circle of fundraising! The second circle includes all of your friends' friends, and your family’s professional and distant contacts, most of whom you may not know personally or directly, such as your father’s co-workers or one of your friend’s professional acquaintances.

This ring of supporters will likely hinge upon the ability of you and your close supporters’ ability to network your project to people not directly interested in your personal goals. This ring is not difficult to engage, but to get a high conversion rate, these people will generally support if they identify with your project.

The second circle of supporters is a crucial turning point in your crowdfunding project.  This circle is the litmus test as to whether or not your project will move on.  If your project cannot successfully gain second-circle supporters, your chances of gaining momentum at the third circle will be at a marginal disadvantage.

Third Circle: Total Strangers and Potential Supporters

The third circle of crowdfunding supporters is your sink or swim moment!

Have you incrementally ramped up your project with insightful updates about your project’s status, positive feedback to your supporters, and promotional posts on all of your social media platforms?  This information is important because the last thing you want for your project is to appear static.  Show progress!  If people have seen your project but have remained undecided to support, now is the time to convince any stragglers to donate!

Tapping into the third circle of crowdfunding supporters may be difficult, as you cannot rely on personal connections as heavily – like you did in the closer circles of supporters.  Nonetheless, you may still personalize your project with social media promotions to garner support from these strangers and potential donors.  For example, upload videos and images for your posts to Uhelpfund.com to show people your project development.  If supporters do not see you working twice as hard to gain their financial support, they simply will not care.  Post about all of your activities relevant to your project.  Demonstrate that you are participating in the community to which your crowdfunding project will contribute.

Most importantly, show your gratitude!

This cannot be underestimated. Your supporters work hard for their money, so do not take their contributions lightly.  Show your appreciation by thanking everyone who has donated, and continue to engage your project’s audience with your online presence.

For more information, call us at (888) 240-1494 or email Support@UHelp.com

UHelp.com provides each campaign with 30 days of free marketing support to guide you in your social media posts, once you start your project.

About the Author: Staff Writer for UHelp.com

Crowdfunding Guidelines

Fundraising of any kind, is work ‚Äď but seeing your idea come to fruition makes it all worthwhile. ¬†To raise money, you need to reach out to possible contributors and create excitement and stimulate interest in your project.

UHelp, the crowdfunding website, has designed a unique 30-day plan to increase public awareness and interest in your project.

It’s important to accurately gauge your fundraising goal. ¬†If it is too high, unrealistic, or does not match the need described¬†people will contribute elsewhere. ¬†If you are planning a stimulus package of perks, include the cost and shipping (if any) in the amount of money you want to raise.

After posting your UHelp campaign, begin the daily tasks that are part of our 30 days of free marketing.  Are you ready to be truly engaged for thirty days after the campaign is approved?  If not, let us know and we will take down your started project.

If yes, then start posting the most engaging campaign ever.  To sell your project, tell your back story.  Where did you start and how have you ended up where you are?  What are you hoping to raise funds for?  Detail where contributions will go.

A Short Video for Crowdfunding

Rolling! How do you make a short video for your crowdfunding campaign on UHelp.com? Contrary to what you may think, you do not need expensive equipment or editing software. It can be a simple video of you in front of the camera talking about what you do and why you are trying to raise money. If, however, you’d like to do a voice-over, you will need editing software like Adobe Premier or iMovie.

So, what to do first? Outline your video! If you are planning on making cuts in the video, create a storyboard with drawings of the frame. For instance, if you cut from yourself to a frame of your organization’s building, draw the video frame of that building to that best of your ability. Storyboards are not a drawing contest so don’t feel intimidated. While you are storyboarding, think of a loose script.

Once you have storyboarded your video, write a detailed script. Unless you are a great off-the-cuff speaker, don’t give yourself room to go off-script. Have a strong idea about the message you want to convey and how you want to give it. For nonprofits, the first video is a great place to inform the viewer of your organization’s mission, vision, or goals.

Now, shoot your portion of the video and/or gather footage of your organization, events, and pictures that exemplify your organization. This is easier said than done. If you are just shooting one shot of yourself, choose a well-lit area with a clean and crisp background to portray professionalism. At a desk in an office with a great natural-light source is a good location. Or, outside under the shade of a tree is another great location. The point is to be front-lit and not back-lit. If you’re shooting outside, account for ambient noise and use a microphone.

If you want a video that cuts to other frames with a voice-over, sit down to edit the video. You might be a nonprofit organization that works to bring art into the lives of under-privileged children. If so, show children making artwork. Over the shoulder-shots and panoramic shots are great. Invest in a tripod, too. It’ll give your video a more professional presentation. Remember to always light your subject.  

A good video will ask for contributions to your UHelp campaign and clearly address an audience, explaining where contributions will go; the function of the organization, nonprofit, business or individual pursuits; and how the money will help. We suggest 30 seconds to not more than 2 minutes. 

Here is a sample video explaining the operations of an organization. We suggest to include a call to action for donations, as well.


To start crowdfunding today, create a UHelp.com campaign! 

About the Author: Sabeen has a Masters in Public Health and currently writes for GrantsWE.fund and its affiliated websites.

Preparing Future Entrepreneurs

The Student Finance League (SFL) of Miami, Florida prepares youth for their future. They posted their crowdfunding campaign on UHelp.com!

You might be wondering; how DO they teach children these fundamental rules of finance? By having them start their own businesses! At SFL, they work to build the future's entrepreneurs. First, the students are provided with basic financial literacy education. Workbooks teach financial terminology, crucial economic skills and provide exercises. Students will gain a basic understanding of: “…banking, money, saving, investing, insurance, loans, mortgaging, financing, taxes, accounting, debt, credit etc.”

Simultaneously, students are introduced to entrepreneurial concepts of business-like opportunities, management, career guidance and professional goal setting. With SFL, the students gain the self-esteem to take power of their own finances, at a very young age. It can help them develop skills, toy with business plans, and learn the skills to one day be entrepreneurs. SFL encourages many of its students to begin executing realistic business plans, helping them establish small business ventures that lead to real-life experience with capital management.

SFL brings in guest speakers to address the children, too. These speakers can be anyone from celebrities, to professional athletes, to CEOs and other professionals. This provides the students with the right motivation and inspiration. Additionally, SFL participates in local events to teach the students professionalism and networking.

Because SFL funds each student’s business launch, they need funding from the community and nation at large for their finance seminars. Diana told me, “The cost of the program includes workbooks, a financial literacy game, speakers, staff and mentoring.” They are hoping to attract the attention of entrepreneurs and financiers to make contributions to their crowdfunding campaign at UHelp.com

The League's unique program teaches:

  • Basic Banking and Finance
  • Short and Long Term Investment Strategies
  • Business Operations and Management
  • College and Career Preparation

Essentially, the Student Finance League (SFL) of Miami works with existing organizations to add finance and business to their current programs for anywhere from 2 to 5 hours a month. A student joins SFL when they are a part of an afterschool program or organization that partners with SFL. And, they are growing. According to Diana Thompson, CEO and Founder,

“We just partnered with 18 schools and 2700 new students.”

About the Author: Sabeen has a Masters in Public Health and currently writes for UHelp.com