Make a difference for people living in Poverty. A new approach!!!

Transition is a part of life, but sometimes transitions in relationships, jobs, health, and careers can create temporary poverty. Then there are those who are born into poverty. Imagine what it is like not having enough money to buy essential needs. In the past there has only been government assistance programs to turn to, but many times these programs keep people stuck in a never ending circle of poverty.

Together we can lift people up from prosperity to prosperity!

Your contribution will make it possible for adults living in a financial situation where their income level is below 200% of the defined poverty level to be enrolled in our Life Coaching Program where they will be provided the opportunity to work with experienced Life Coaches, something only the rich have ever had access to.

The Stars of Courage program will for the first time present a true HAND-UP rather than just a hand-out!

Our approach is different. We are a group of inspired, capable spiritual warriors, leaders, business owners, new thought leaders, and coaches. We are bringing together to top personal and professional life, business, spiritual, career, health, well-being, and financial coaches who are equipped with the latest technology, warm hearts and are in service to those they work. We will uplift, increase awareness, coach, and deliver proven training programs to substantially reduce poverty in our country.

Our target audience are those individuals who are under the federal guidelines for poverty. Currently in the United States, we have 47 million people in poverty. Twenty-two percent of these citizens are children, with African American children holding a poverty rate of thirty-five percent; with the overall youth population having an unemployment rate of Fifty-one percent. While there are plenty of services to help children, the need for adult services is largely unmet.

Each $600 raised will enable one person to be enrolled in our coaching program for one year.

Our non-profit organization is an all-volunteer one. All of the funds raised are applied to cover the operating costs of coach training, client enrollment, computer database tracking system, client/coach relationship monitoring and client success reporting.

Our approach works. Evidenced-based studies show that combining Life Coaching with educational programs is effective at lifting people out of their economic struggles. Our Life Coaches support participants to evaluate their challenges, develop a personal improvement plan, track goals, and overcome challenges. They move our STARS forward in their finances, health, relationships and much more.

Please make a contribution today!!! We can change the Poverty conversation…..


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Rob Spence, Governing Board Member

on behalf of

Stars of Courage

More than 47 million people are living in poverty. Our coaching program sets people living in poverty on the path to success. Each $600 raised will support one person's enrollment in the Stars of Courage program for one full year. Please contribute to our mission.


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I have been affiliated with various non-profit organizations for several years, both as a volunteer and as an employee. Today, I am excited to have this opportunity to be working with Kenneth D. Foster in launching Stars of Courage.

Rob Spence



Libby Hikind

1 month ago

Welcome to UHelp. Best of luck in your campaign.