Fund projects that connect those living with disabilities with the unique resources for full access and participation in daily living.

"Inclusion is extremely important for kids with and without disabilities."
-Clay Aiken

Disabilities Crowdfunding Campaigns

I'm Breaking Down

I'm Breaking Down

I'm in DIRE need of financial assistance. I just been diagnosed with schizophrenia after years of unstability. Im currently homeless, unemployed, and broke. I am pending a divorce and struggling to provide for my daughters. Please find it in your hearts to give whatever possible. Thanks! LOVE



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Miriam's Medical Fund

Miriam's Medical Fund

We are asking you to help this girl return to a normal life and get back to her normal routine so that she can enjoy her young years like her classmates and enjoy a wonderful future. Your generous contribution will help this girl who desperately needs your assistance. Thank you for caring.


$90 raised in 65 days from 4 people.

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Help Children Bake Some Happiness

Help Children Bake Some Happiness

Help me in an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant area. I need funding to invite handicapped and terminally ill children to my at-home bakery and create the cake of their dreams. I want them to forget about all their worries, at least for a short time, at no financial cost to them or thei



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