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Fund programs that will improve the economic well-being and quality of life for communities. Support business development, economic development, and social development projects through crowdfunding.

"World class communities come in all shapes and sizes,
they are not determined by geography, and/or natural resources
so much as by the mindset of their local leadership."
-Don Allen Holbrook

Economic Development Crowdfunding Campaigns

Make The Poor Sufficient

Make The Poor Sufficient

We are trying to raise money for The Humanitas Community Development Corporation nonprofit program activities, established in April of 1988, to assist economically distressed businesses in Tarrant County, TX. Our programs are in dire need of support funds. Thank You.


$305 raised in 67 days from 9 people.

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Build An Animal Care Facility!

Build An Animal Care Facility!

Achieve More, Inc. is requesting financial assistance to construct a facility to accommodate livestock that will allow the youth in our rural community the suitable facilities to participate in all the benefits and duties of responsible animal care. Together we can make a difference!



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Give $2 To A Father With A $2 Salary

Give $2 To A Father With A $2 Salary

This African father of five makes only $2 every day. Give another $2 to help support his family. Don't turn your back on them; show you care! Thank you for your contributions.


$5 raised in 33 days from 1 people.

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