Elementary Education

Support children's imagination by enhancing and enriching elementary education through crowdfunding for students in grades 1-8. Improve learning outcomes in reading, writing and math.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
-Albert Einstein

Elementary Education Crowdfunding Campaigns

Give Our Kids A Boost!

Give Our Kids A Boost!

There are children in our community that are living in unstable households and struggling in school. Such environments are preventing them from succeeding and benefiting from opportunities in life. Help us raise $30,000 to Build A Generation where children have a better chance of reaching their full


$50 raised in 99 days from 2 people.

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From Coachable To Successful...

From Coachable To Successful...

Please support our Mentor Program by donating to the cost of Dedicated Transportation, Paid Tutorial Services, School & Technology Needs and Enrichment Activities. Visit our YouTube Channel and Facebook to see all that Lucky Eight does to support our youth and community.


$778 raised in 113 days from 7 people.

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Help Us Send 100 Kids In Haiti To School

Help Us Send 100 Kids In Haiti To School

With just 20 dollars you can help send a child to school in Haiti for the year. There are children in Haiti that do not start school until the age of 12 due to financial hardship. This year, we would like to send 100. Join us and be a blessing with a monetary donation of your heart's desire.


$1 raised in 71 days from 1 people.

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Time-Management: Start Young For Success

Time-Management: Start Young For Success

Help create a Do & Due Time-Management software app. Your donation will ensure the release of the app nationwide. The #1 reason students fail their classes or drop out of college is bad time management. The app will assist more students to graduate college and to learn life skills.



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