Mental Health

Return dignity to people suffering from mental illness. Support mental health, psychology, occupational and physical therapy and social work crowdfunding projects that increase access to services.

"There is no exercise better for the heart
than reaching down and lifting people up."
-John Holmes

Mental Health Crowdfunding Campaigns

Breaking The Stigma Of Mental Illness!

Breaking The Stigma Of Mental Illness!

Breaking the stigma of mental illness in our communities. A Beautiful Mind Foundation is a high-impact organization that generates tremendous community awareness and support and enables thousands of individuals to be trained as Certified Mental Health First Aid Responders. This initiative is a cri


$40 raised in 95 days from 2 people.

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Give Our Kids A Boost!

Give Our Kids A Boost!

There are children in our community that are living in unstable households and struggling in school. Such environments are preventing them from succeeding and benefiting from opportunities in life. Help us raise $30,000 to Build A Generation where children have a better chance of reaching their full


$50 raised in 99 days from 2 people.

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Miriam's Medical Fund

Miriam's Medical Fund

We are asking you to help this girl return to a normal life and get back to her normal routine so that she can enjoy her young years like her classmates and enjoy a wonderful future. Your generous contribution will help this girl who desperately needs your assistance. Thank you for caring.


$90 raised in 65 days from 4 people.

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Falling Down The Hole Of Despair....

Falling Down The Hole Of Despair....

After several difficult years, this has been the worst of my life. I am falling down the hole of despair and need help to escape into the light.  I had previously lost at least half of my money during the  recession and times have continued to be very tough for me.



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