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Save Our Arts, Athletics & Entertainment

Save Our Arts, Athletics & Entertainment

To kick off the various projects, we are seeking $150,000 in excess that will be used to facilitate marketing for three singles for on-deck musicians, Olympic training for four elite athletes, and production of one artist's promotional event. Thank you in advance for your support.



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Help A Man Afford Transportation

Help A Man Afford Transportation

My name is Nathaniel and I am disabled without a vehicle. I am unable drive to my medical appointments, get my girlfriend to work, or drive to the grocery store (even if I were able to buy food). Please help me in my dire need. Anything will be more than appreciated. Thank you.



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Helping Kids And Youth See America

Helping Kids And Youth See America

Please help me replace my bus. My current model is outdated and requires much maintenance. A newer bus would allow me to transport school children to educational and historical field-trip destinations and to expand my business. Thank you for your support.


$1 raised in 34 days from 1 people.

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