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From Coachable To Successful...

Larry Orie, Treasurer and Program secretary

on behalf of

Lucky Eight Brotherhood & Mentoring

Please support our Mentor Program by donating to the cost of Dedicated Transportation, Paid Tutorial Services, School & Technology Needs and Enrichment Activities. Visit our YouTube Channel and Facebook to see all that Lucky Eight does to support our youth and community.

Larry Orie


Chief and Nettie Orie 9 months ago

Our observations are the time and efforts of this program and its committed coaches and mentors reflects all positive reinforcements and support and encouragement to all participating youth.Keep the good work. Lucky 8 Strong...


10 months ago


Larry Orie

To my Team of Coaches and Mentors that are the most dedicated group of people I know. Thanks for believing and working towards the vision. To Coach is to Encourage. Thanks for being there to encourage our youth after school, in school, on the field and at home. Someone will soon acknowledge our commitment and support our efforts in a manner that takes the program to its deserved height and platform. Until then we will stay faithful and true to our young people who appreciate our efforts the most.


April 05,2017

Way to go Larry!


Ravi Kumar April 23,2017

Keep it up


Pushpendra April 23,2017

Keep it up

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