The Event

On July 10th, 2017, we will take a stride in shaping tomorrow’s Haitian leaders at our annual summer program in La Saline, Haiti, by hosting a two-week Bible Summer Camp for 100 childre ages 7-13 free of charge. 

Donations will help us to: 

  • Provide two complete nutritious meals daily
  • Equip each attendee with a backpack with the full list of school supplies to start school in the fall
  • overall  build individual character through the biblical scriptures found in Ephesians 6:10-17

About us 

All of Her Incorporated, is a Florida Non-Profit located in Fort Myers FL. We are more than a Charitable organization, we are a ministry that understands God's love and uses it to encourages individuals to dream, have the courage to succeed, and the will to inspire.

We assist those who are at rock bottom and are hopeless. We restore the lives of those who have had some successes but went through an atrocity. We provide the means and opportunity to elevate those that desire taking the next level scholastically or professionally.

Currently our organization is working on making an impact in the lives of the children in Lasaline, Haiti. 

We Cannot do this without you!

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Help Us Send 100 Kids In Haiti To School

Emmanuella Casimir, President

on behalf of

All OF Her Incorporated

With just 20 dollars you can help send a child to school in Haiti for the year. There are children in Haiti that do not start school until the age of 12 due to financial hardship. This year, we would like to send 100. Join us and be a blessing with a monetary donation of your heart's desire.


$1 raised in 71 days from 1 people.

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Emmanuella Casimir is a Haitian immigrant. She attended the Florida International University where she obtained a dual degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, she was employed by Target where her exceptional leadership skill led

Emmanuella Casimir



Beatrice Ann

2 months ago

Good luck to you!