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$605 of $10,000

raised in 176 days from 5 people

Historic South Ward School Rehab Project

Allison Dolan, Project Manager for South Ward Museum

on behalf of

Clearwater Historical Society

Rehabilitation of the old PE building into storage space for the Historic South Ward School. Artifacts are located in 9 locations and we need to have a climate controlled environment.

I am a volunteer working to open a History Museum and Cultural Center in Clearwater, Florida. I have a degree in Historic Preservation and I have a passion for History. I am married and have 2 daughters that have grown to love this project as much as I do

Allison Dolan


Doreen Caudell 4 months ago

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT The Clearwater Historical Society is a non-profit organization intent on documenting and promoting the rich history of Clearwater, Florida.


Thomas Walbolt 5 months ago

Only $9,595 to go. Come on people.


Leslie Smith 5 months ago

I'm happy to help preserve the history of Clearwater. Thanks, Leslie


Leslie Smith 5 months ago


Allison Dolan 6 months ago

This is going to be wonderful for Clearwater and Pinellas County

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