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Please assist “The Timothy Group” to acquire property and funding. We deliver food and medical supplies to people who are physically separated from the world by civil war, hostile borders, restrictive laws, and/or religious or humanitarian persecution. We hike 150 miles in jungle, ford rivers, and conduct search and rescue missions. Funding is an issue. Please help The Timothy Group provide trained personnel (Doctors, Paramedics, EMTs) and serious medical equipment to meet the needs of these people.

Each year, our program will produce three teams of eight graduates to serve on three separate continents. The specific tasks are the following:

(i) Medical training – Tested and Certified through the National Registry of EMTs
Land Navigation Training

(ii) Problem-Solving Systems

(iii) Communications Training

(iv) Leadership Training

(v) Team Building

(vi) Technical Skills Training

The Team Dynamics division of The Timothy Group will need the following resources in order to provide exceptional training to the mission-oriented students: classrooms and related educational material for the cognitive phase of training; auditorium/lecture facilities for the mass sharing of information; acreage for the outdoor experiential phases of training; warehouse for the storage of the training equipment; lodging facilities for the housing of staff, students, visiting parents, etc.; materials, supplies, rentals, and equipment repair necessary to conduct events; and vehicle fleet maintenance.

The case for funding is strong.

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Bruce Stansbury, President

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The Timothy Group, Inc.

Your gift provides facilities and faculty to teach young men life-saving techniques. Our services save people from life-threatening environments. We go where others cannot to save those in need.


$85 raised in 27 days from 2 people.

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The Timothy Group is a faith-based nonprofit organization. We combine specific technical skills training with Biblical teaching to forge elite warriors for Christ. The Timothy Group graduate is a living sacrifice values human life at home and abroad.

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