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My name is Damion and I own a 9Round franchise in Bloomington, MN. I currently need $7,000 to pay the property taxes. This gym is my passion, helping others achieve their goals. Thank you in advance for your contribution(s).


$1701.00 raised in 19 days from 15 people.

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Kayli Tomasheski

2 days ago

So proud to see how well this campaign it doing! We wrote an article all about you! https://www.uhelp.com/blog/2017/08/22/The-Importance-of-a-Campaign-Team-Stay-Positive-and-Do-It-with-a-Smile/


Brian Bjonfald


Colleeb Angus

14 days ago

I NEED my work outs at 9Round! I used to run marathons and the knees gave out. 9Round allows me to work out and feel like I did something good for me in just 30 minutes!


Aleksandr Chernin

14 days ago

Damion, you're a nice person and a very good trainer! I hope your business flourishes and you and your team continue to help people!


Megan Fischer

15 days ago

Love this place!


Amanda Giliotti


Merrick Anderson

16 days ago

Great gym and excellent owner!


PJ Lewis

16 days ago

This is a great place to workout and meet new people.


Leah Brick


Kerri Stein

19 days ago

Great people, awesome workouts!


Tyler Schumacher

19 days ago

As someone who's been going to 9Round since late last year, I see how hard Damion works every day and I would be really disappointed if our community lost this gym. I encourage everyone else to consider giving what they can. We're in your corner, man!


Joe Schmit

19 days ago

Keep punching and kicking, Damion!

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